"Everything has been working fabulously! This is the first time in 5 years (10 appointment sessions) I have every email and phone message dealt with by the end of day 1. Wow!"

Cindy Styles
MacDonald Drive Junior High
Using OPTIS since 2003

"The program worked very well, the secretaries at both PWC and Leary's Brook were amazed at how much work it saved them. This program should be marketed Canada-wide, and could also be used to suit other scheduling needs. All in all a great product."

Wylie Butler
Prince of Wales Collegiate
Using OPTIS since 2001

"...great scheduling program that is web based and very very simple to use. Basically it allows your parents to log on and make appointments to see specific teachers during your meet the teacher nights. If you are currently being run ragged with having parents call to set up meeting times, this might be the solution you have been looking for. It certainly worked for us!"

Craig White
Mount Pearl Intermediate
Using OPTIS since 2003

"The software is in full use in our school. Overall the program has saved us a great deal of time from a front office perspective and parents have all given positive comments."

Sheldon Barry
Mount Pearl Senior High
Using OPTIS since 2003

"As a parent of two children attending a large elementary school, I was extremely impressed with the user-friendly approach of the OPTIS program. I was able to log-on immediately and schedule my interviews at a time convenient for me. Scheduling parent-teacher interviews electronically is the way to go. Convenient & Efficient!"

Paul Halleran
St. Peter's Elementary


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